Food As Pleasure: The Struggle With Dysfunctional Eating and Food Addiction

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Food addiction is when a person’s body has become chemically dependent on one or more food
substances and needs the substances to function in a normal way. It is the same as a drug or
alcohol addiction.
A person’s body becomes dependent on certain foods or eating behaviors. According to the
Food Addiction Institute, the most common food addictions include foods that contain sugar,
flour, fats, grains, or salts, or some combination of these ingredients. The most common food
addiction behaviors include bingeing, purging, and volume eating.
Food addiction is a chronic and progressive disease that includes seeking out the foods a person
is addicted to, participating in food addiction behaviors, eating, or doing these compulsively, and
having great difficultly managing the addiction, despite unhealthy and harmful consequences.
Repeatedly eating these foods or engaging in addictive behaviors causes changes in the brain
that deceive the mind, challenge a person’s self-control, and disturb the ability to resist these
foods and behaviors.
Food addiction is a maladaptive behavior related to eating as a way to reduce stress and anxiety.
Although addictive foods and behaviors may feel necessary or pleasurable at the time, they
create harmful mental and physical problems that last beyond consuming the addictive foods.
Topics covered in this book are :

What Is Food Addiction
Signs And Symptoms Of Food Addiction
Assessment: Am I A Food Addict?
Implications Of Food Addiction
Normal Eaters Versus Food Addicts
The Mindset Of A Food Addict
What You Can Do – 20 Steps To Overcome Food Addiction

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Food As Pleasure: The Struggle With Dysfunctional Eating and Food Addiction


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